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The Meadows Chorus


Learning Music (mp3 files) for the Spring Concert 2017


To hear, click the left button of the mouse on the music link. To store the music on your hard drive, click the right button of the mouse on the music link. Click "Save Target As...".





  Title Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
01  Star Spangled Banner 01-Soprano 01-Alto 01-Tenor 01-Bass
02  This Land is Your Land 02-Soprano 02-Alto 02-Tenor 02-Bass
03  I Hear America Singing 03-Soprano 03-Alto 03-Tenor 03-Bass
04  Freedom Song 04-Soprano 04-Alto 04-Tenor 04-Bass
05  Music of MGM 05-Soprano 05-Alto 05-Tenor 05-Bass
06  Song for the Unsung Hero 06-Soprano 06-Alto 06-Tenor 06-Bass
07  On the Wings of Song I Fly 07-Soprano 07-Alto 07-Tenor 07-Bass
08  La Musica 08-Soprano 08-Alto 08-Tenor 08-Bass
09  Home on the Range 09-Soprano 09-Alto 09-Tenor 09-Bass
10  Red River Valley 10-Soprano 10-Alto 10-Tenor 10-Bass
11  Old Dan Tucker 11-Soprano 11-Alto 11-Tenor 11-Bass
12  Going Home 12-Soprano 12-Alto 12-Tenor 12-Bass
13  Journey On 13-Soprano 13-Alto 13-Tenor 13-Bass


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